December Point, Book One, The Gentleman's Invitation Series

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December Point, Book One, The Gentleman's Invitation Series

A Time Travel Mystery

by L. L. Christenson

Publisher: Loucks Studios, Inc.


Bertha, still unaware of her situation, scratched at whatever was poking at her arm and side, jarring her from her sleep.  As she opened her rusty brown, sun-kissed eyes, she could almost feel the warmth of the sun and the wet spray off the waves as they crashed into the rocky shores as she stared out the window and all the way up the Wisconsin shoreline. The rushing sound of water and its reverb as waves spilled over and again, repurposed into a new wave calmed her senses, as much as the lilac borders on her canary yellow walls of her old bedroom. Both seemed to provide her a continual resting place for, what she could tell from her older appearance, this time, a decade long sleep. 

Bertha squeezed the culprit in one fist, unsure what to do. Resisting her temptation to peak inside the envelope was the right thing––she was sure of that. However, this bold intrusion into her life had just become personal, and that alone unhinged her. 

Bertha tipped it end to end, she could feel it shift inside from the pull of gravity. The weight of the paper folded inside weighed on her curiosity, teasing her emotions, and made her to want to rip it open and read the contents.

Why shouldn't she? She was Bertha Hollinger, the daughter of a Randall Craedahl, owner of the Craedahl Lighthouse, a researcher who gave his life studying the possibility of the multiverse. 

She wasn't afraid to shift between worlds, or different ages - she'd done it for centuries, so what effect could just one quick glance have on her future? Besides, hadn't she'd already waited a lifetime . . .  for a Gentleman's Invitation?


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Foreign Rights Available