Hawk of Wa Pu Ta Creek | Paperback

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Author and Illustrator: Lisa Loucks Christenson

Publisher:  Loucks Studios, Inc.

A Finalist in Harlequin® Love Inspired® Suspense, Search for the Killer Voice Contest

 Hawk of Wa Pu Ta Creek by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Hawk of Wa Pu Ta Creek Cover Blurb:

One unexpected, unprepared glance into the soft eyes of the woman Joe walked away from years ago sent his thoughts racing to something ten years apart didn't take––something he sealed in his heart, that not even his latest assignment in the blufflands of southeastern Minnesota could break out of him. For it wasn't a question whether he believed, enough, that true love would never fade away, but the angst of betrayal that still clung to his heart whispering to his soul, you can’t do this again.Still, he needed to take the assignment in Wa Pu Ta Creek, even if it was winter. He needed to return to the blufflands of southeastern Minnesota, because he needed to answer to his family, but also restore a promise, if it were even still possible, at least with God.

Ruby can’t find the right words, in fact, she’s almost speechless when the man who once left her behind, returns to Wa Pu Ta Creek––on her shift! Recently widowed, she isn’t ready to fall into another relationship––especially with Joe, the man who abandoned her years ago.

No matter what challenges Ruby and Joe disagree on, there's no arguing about the seemingly, odd circumstances surrounding the sudden appearance of a mysterious hawk––one who is wearing a leg band bearing the same numbers as the hawk Joe rescued years ago. A hawk who couldn't possibly still be alive? Can Ruby and Joe trust God enough to bring healing to their hearts while they bring a serial killer to justice?  Will Joe realize before his undercover assignment ends in the Wa Pu Ta Creek, the woman he once left behind is the woman God has planned for his wife? A woman God has nurtured in His promises and moved back into Joe’s life, for a second time?