Indentical Witness

Snowy River Press™ imprint of Book Entree™


Indentical Witness

Episode 1

Author: L. L. Christenson

Series: If He Asks

Publisher: Snowy River Press™

15,000 Words 

If asked, Massey would share her life was that of an average 28-year-old living as a single woman in a town—one that had stopped growing decades ago. If anything were exciting, it would be the customers and their stories patronizing her hole-in-the-wall book store she ran, The Book Sparrow Pit, a blink-sized building wedged between Hale’s Hardware and Mina’s Boutique, in a spit of a town: Jinx, Iowa.

When Massey’s friends ask her to help out a hilltop dinner party, Massey accepts, but only because she needs the extra money for her store.While serving the guests at the dinner party, she notices a man who won’t stop watching her, making her uneasy. When the man introduces himself she’s pulled into his soft words and striking appearance—though her intincts warn her to flee. Besides, what harm could come from accepting his offer to join him on a coffee date? 

Robert hasn’t looked for a woman in years. After losing his wife In a car accident, he never wanted another women again, until he met Massey. Now he feels like his deceased wife, Natty, has somehow returned to him through Massey. He can’t believe how her looks and mannerisms are almost identical to Natty’s. Robert tries everything to convince Massey to break away from her busy life but Masey likes her life the way it is and isn’t willing to change.

Robert suddenly finds himself living again, and he’s ready to start a new life—with Masey, but at what cost?

To be continued . . .