Kingdom Disburdened, First Chronicle, NORTHGAELENTRY

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Title: Kingdom Disburdened

Series: Northgaelentry

Number in Series: First Chronicle

Author: L. L. Christenson

Cover Illustration, design, inside: Lisa Loucks Christenson 


Chapter One


There once stood a secret kingdom, a hidden world where all creatures roamed freely and walked beside the knights, the peasants, and freedom nomads who were once under rule of King Truemerragant of Northgaelentry, but it wasn't always that way. 

Some people believed these creatures, beasts, and unusual people escaped by their own wiles; others shared there was magic in the mountains, and invisible beasts who directed them to their escape, but when searching for the truth, the best place to start is in the chronicles, the Northgaelentry Chronicles to be exact.

For the Northgaelentry Chronicles were written from eye-witnesses accounts, the real stories. The story of the Freedom Ball is written as the First Chronicle, that it was by order of King Truemerragant of Northgaelentry that there would a royal ball, and everyone in Northgaelentry was invited and required to attend, and at the most anticipated event of the century, the Freedom Ball, an announcement would be made that would change the lives of everyone.

The news of this life-changing Freedom Ball royal ball quickly spread throughout Northgaelentry, and from there, spread throughout the entire regions of Westgaelentry, Southgaelentry, and Eastgaelentry.

After the announcement, after the ball, the king did as he promised:

King Truemerragant ordered the opening of the bridge gates for eight days, eight hours, and eight minutes. Any living thing, plant, river, person, troll, goblin, or beast could use the hand pressed brick road during the time period, and leave the kingdom at his or her will, taking all they had with them, and would be free—forever.

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