Opening Night

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Opening Night

Episode 1

Author: L. L. Christenson

Publisher: Loucks Studios, Inc.

Genre: YA Romance

Ages: 13+

A Sweet Coming-of-Age Story by L. L. christenson

 Release: TBA 2018


Char Gleason, the most unpopular girl in school has, somehow, captured the undivided attention of the new boy and upperclass heartthrob, Collin Norwoki. It’s Char’s senior year and she’s desperate for the freedom she’s always desired––freedom from her life in Valentine, Minnesota. Char’s life revolves around studies and a part time job at her parents gift shop. She tries, but still hasn’t figured out how to join the traveling theater group, and keep her A Honor Roll status—until a new student arrives, who seems to know how help.

When Collin starts classes at Craggle High School, he seems like he could fit in anywhere, date anyone—but His eyes are focused on Char Gleason. However, when Ivy Cruper, Char’s most disliked ex-friend notices Collin, Char knows it’s only a matter of time before Iv’s persistence will attract Collin’s full attention—the only person Char ever met who promised to ruin Char’s reputation—and did.

Char may have been bullied and trampled by Ivy but this time, with God’s help, she won’t let anything get in the way of finishing high school with the Craggle County Scholarship, given to the student with the highest GPA.  

Collin will do anything to win Char’s heart—including winning the male lead role just to be close to Char in her role as Julie-Ann in the Craggle High’s Roman and Julie-Ann play, but Ivy has a few lines of her own—if she can find her way on stage. . . . opening night.