Patiently Waiting

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Patiently Waiting

L. L. Christenson

Release: 2018

Dana is just a simple girl looking for love with a hidden lust for book stores and romance. If you’re looking for Dana, you’ll always know where to find her: Jamisen Book & Cafe  or public library. Dana, at age 27 is average, her friends are few which is why she loves to read about other worlds. She became a registered nurse to meet others, to help them, and loved her ICU position—she could encourage and help others and she found that rewarding, she felt like one of the heroines in the stories she read.

Romance was something she read about, but had yet to experience. She longed for a passionate embrace, someone to love—like The woman in her pile of romance books.

Things changed for Dana one a slow night at work when Dana’s new patient is an exact body double of John Hinkler—a football quarterback at her high school. The boy who disappeared in a kayaking accident and — whose body was never recovered. He may only look like the same teen that broke her heart—but look-alike or not—besides He would have aged—at least some can’t possibly be John. Still, she couldn’t bare the thought of loosing him—twice—if it were even him. If it were some odd coincidence or possibility.

Thw  man laying in bed 17 wasn’t even, by looking at his vitals, someone they believed they could save—his future was dim. This John, John Doe of bed 17. Dana finds herself drawn to the resting patient and reads to him some nights, and talks to him about her boring life, wondering if he can even hear her.

There’s little to no chance of the patient ever waking up. 

Dana’s stunned when she begins her night shift and enters John’s room to find him sitting up with his eyes open. The team of doctors is surprised by his miraculous healing abilities and expect him to make a full recovery. Dana is happy and horrified—she’d shared things with this John—a man that she thought would take her secrets to the grave—about her John.

Worse, when they are alone John thanks Dana for her attention and offers a sly smile as he reminds her he heard every word.

There is something else. John has his own secret he wants to share with Dana, one he’s waited for a long time to share, but before he will, she must accept his offer—one that will change her life for the better. John agrees to keep her secrets but only if she’ll agrees to spend a weekend with him, and will be patiently waiting—for her answer.