River Critters' Brigade™ Series by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Fly Up Books™ imprint of Book Entree™


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River Critters' Brigade is a line of fiction and non-fiction books created, authored, illustrated by Lisa Loucks Christenson based on wildlife adventures she imagined or documented in the wild. All ages.              

Wildlife Adventure Fiction | Published by Fly Up Books™ imprint of Loucks Studios, Inc.

Wildlife Adventure Fact-Fiction | Published by Fly Up Books™ imprint of Loucks Studios, Inc.

Wildlife Adventure True Story | Published by White Wolf Creek™


From the Author:

I suppose it would be an impossible task to write a story, let alone an entire book series, that included every creature—and sometimes their kin—that I met, personally, while studying eagles in the outdoors.

   I encountered these creatures in the meadows, grasslands, sand prairies; in hardwood and coniferous forests; over sandstone and limestone bluffs; along rocky foothills and in clear brooks and streams that deepened my view of the valley. Our paths crossed as they meandered to and through sloughs, pools, and bogs, through raspberry and gooseberry thickets, aligned with each season, en route to the river.

   Perhaps, it wouldn't be impossible to chronicle a few of the adventures I had with the river critters, all of whom made their appearance worthy enough for me to take note of them, both true wildlife stories and fictional tales of wildlife adventure.

   Herein, I offer to my readers—fans of animal and wildlife adventures—tales about the heroes, the fighters, the givers, the takers, the gangsters and mobs, the nemeses and guardians I met along a 12-mile stretch of the Whitewater River, a real river running through the blufflands of southeastern Minnesota. These critters became my unintended, extended family . . . and they made me wilder and weirder by knowing them . . . because that's what the members of the River Critter's Brigade can do if you open your heart and search for their knowledge. ––Lisa Loucks Christenson