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L. L. Christenson

Romantic Suspense

Release: 2018

Publisher: Snowy River Press™

Blurb (subject to change with final release)


When Mercedes meets Jake Nodin, the youngest member of the Nodin family, she can’t decide if it’s his smiling eyes or the touch of arrogance escaping his offset cunning smile that makes him more attractive. However, because his reputation proceeds him, she understands how his dangerous good looks and endless money may have distracted the other women before her — making his financial proposal, an arrangement to think on.

Jake not only enjoys offering loans with short payback timeframes and illegal interest rates, he collects unpaid debts using his own private methods of torture—depending on his mood—without a blink of remorse. When he meets 24-year-old and down-on-her-luck Meredes Herdanos he is sure she’s the least of his worries. He is intrigued by her and only offers her a deal because she offers something Jake has never signed as collateral—a wolf totem—she claims is hers.

After signing a loan, Jake soon discovers it’s his blessings and luck that changes and for the first time in his life it’s Jake that finds himself in the exact predicament he has placed his former clients, but that’s not all that is cooking. Will Mercedes and her wolf come through for the shark who is—this this time—floundering out of water?

L. L. Christenson loves writing stories about strong heroines, who, in the face of danger can hold their own and on occasion, like in her story Sharked, are forced to choose to rescue their hero-in-distress. L. L. Christenson makes her home in the Midwest, supported by a romantic-at-heart husband, her daughter, and three dogs who listen—without whimpering as she reads aloud her stories.