Soul of Cougar: Navigating Never Sink Creek, Book 6, WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS

Snowy River Press™ imprint of Book Entree™


 Written & Illustrated by Lisa Loucks 
Christian Suspense Thriller

Soul of a Cougar: Navigating Never Sink Creek
Book 6

Publisher: Snowy River Press™ imprint of Loucks Studios, Inc.

Almost a year has passed since Othanial arrived in Whitewater Falls. He felt spiritually connected to the one place on earth where he felt he could grow as a person, deep his faith, and there was no doubt that spending time -- with his real family was good for his soul. However, one thing left his mind unsettled. He couldn’t seem to find answers for his unanswered questions—no matter where he looked.

He whated to know what became of Miss Sassy, the blonde-haired beauty who got on the bus at the Michigan state line and road jump seat next to him all the way to Minnesota. Sassy heard his every hope and dream during that trip. She said she was a model, but Othaniel saw her as an angel--one who led him to Whitewater Falls, and disappeared. She never came back to her seat at the cafe. He promised himself that he'd keep looking for her, even if it took forever. Then life would be perfect again.

Othaniel decides to take his fate into his own hands — make his life as grand as an adventure as he could imagine—that’s what Sassy told him once. It was almost like he could hear her say it again when he glanced at the signup sheet one last time before paying his entry fee — in a contest he knew he had about an ounce of a chance of winning: The 2015 Thanksgiving River Raft Ride.

Othaniel knew his biggest challenge wouldn’t be navigating Never Sink Creek, rather, what snagged his mind was not knowing what happened to Sassy. He knew he'd need to free his mind of all obstacles to win the race--other men had died out there, and he didn’t want to become a new statistic. Still, why didn’t she write him back like she’d promised? What did the bus driver mean when he said she had a history with their bus company? Did he force them apart, is that why she didn’t return? Did he have some hold or dirt on her?

Destiny, it seemed, had other plans for Othanial's river raft dreams when his entire future came to an abrupt standstill when he noticed the poster tacked on the community bulletin board above the river raft entry forms.

It wasn’t only his eyes that locked on the poster, his heart hitched as he studied, up close—the face of an angel and her unmistakeable face that was  centered right under the words: Missing Since December 20.