Splitting Heads: My Life as a Planaria Worm

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Written and Illustrated by: Lisa Loucks Christenson

Publisher:  Loucks Studios, Inc.

The serial autobiography of Lisa Loucks Christenson. Sometimes life isn't what we make of it. In fact, more often than not, at least for the author - it's a journey of splitting heads to reach a favorable outcome.

Written in serial form, melding her old stories with the new, Lisa shares her life's experiences by revisiting her high school days Advanced Biology lab, and splitting heads of Planaria worms. Lisa teaches how that experiment, without knowing it at the time, actually became a personal lesson, later, to stop and examine her internal road map. She explains how the Planaria worm experiment became a necessary mile marker, a legendary stop for keeping her faith strong. Like splitting heads of a Planaria worm and their unique ability to regenerate a new head, and into a fully formed new divisional entity, with each cut, she illustrates that life is a choice of new paths - like a new head, a new self - that happens, usually, after some cut.

Like the Planaria worm adapting to survive, she too, learns that human strength, growth, and resilience isn't something that just happens. Growth comes after the cuts from the scalpel. With the authors' senses and emotions heightened, she begins to trust to develop a sense of self, thickness, and protection from the most hurtful, intriguing, and unusual circumstances on the narrowing paths of her journey.



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