Unsettled Hearts, Episode 4, Chicago Nice

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Unsettled Hearts

Author: L. L. Christenson

Publisher:  Loucks Studios, Inc.

Episode 4
Series: Chicago Nice
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Torn between decisions, and the men she’s fallen for, Nadia must leave Chicago to figure out her future—in the last frontier state. She takes on a position as a newspaper reporter, and attracts the attention of Benjiman Breiswald, an artist who makes his living painting the last frontier—one species at a time. A man twenty-years older, but that’s what attracts his knowledge. He comes to the paper after reading her articles on the grizzly bears, to let her in on the story of a lifetime—if she’ll go with him to a remote area—off the grid, to a place knows, north of Ketchikan.

Nadia is hungry for her first major story—something that the locals will notice and remember her for and accepts Benjiman’s offer. She soon discovers through Benjiman, life is best lived free of captured hearts. The harder she searches her heart trying to choose Dante or Marcos, she realizes the truth is waiting for her—in Benjiman’s story.