STORY PREVIEW EDITION: Soul of a Cougar: Summer with Me Ha Toc, Book 5, WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS

Snowy River Press™ imprint of Book Entree™


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Story Preview Edition                                                                                        Includes: First Two Chapters, Author Letter, Series Trivia

Soul of a Cougar: Summer with Me Ha Toc, Book 5, WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS

Written & Illustrated by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Cover Design and Illustration: Lisa Loucks Christenson

Publisher: Snowy River Press™ imprint of Loucks Studios, Inc.

A 2014 NaNoWriMo Winner


#1 International Best Selling Ghost Town Supernatural Saga

Annie has sworn off dating, at least for now, and returns to Whitewater Falls for another season documenting the lives with the river eagles.

Word travels fast about sightings and reports of a cougar prowling the woods and in the area surrounding Annie's eagle study area. This news comes on the heels of the Reverend asking Annie to take on an assistant, a young man who goes by the name of Othaniel.

Othaniel is given a chance to meet his birth mother, but to do so, he must come to Whitewater Falls. On his bus ride he meets Sassy, a traveling model who seems to guide him to the answers he needs most.

Hunters in search of a trophy mount and bragging rights to the capture of the legendary ghost cat are quick to branch out across the land to find the cougar responsible for tearing up and killing the farmers' livestock. 

With a wedding to plan for her friends, a new assistant, and trying to find a way to protect a cougar--everyone wants to destroy, Annie isn't sure what God's plans will be for her unforeseeable future.

With a town upside down, alliances broken, and a bride who wants to run from the alter, she thought she'd seen it all--but that's before the cougar makes his appearance on the wedding day, giving the bride and groom--and the entire town the most unexpected sleigh ride of their lives.