Street Wise

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Street Wise

Author: L. L. Christenson

Christian Suspense

Publisher: Snowy River Press

Release: 2018

Deja’s life, even as a kid, was never easy. At seventeen, her mom took off with her latest boyfriend and didn’t return. When their landlord threatened eviction for six months of  unpaid rent, she dropped out of high school, packed her things, and left her latest home in North Minneapolis to reconnect with Torrie, an old friend who lived on the streets.

Torrie, was Deja’s best friend—had been since the second grade. She’d left home when she turned 18, and has lived on the streets for over a year now. She promised and re-assured Deja that she was a survivor—like her and with a little help, a wardrobe adjustment, Deja could live modestly too.

She would make the introduction to her new mom, Ms. Deni, and if she liked Deja, if she passed her formal interview, she could sustain herself on her beauty—just as she had. Torrie told her Ms. Deni would be looking beyond outer beauty. She would test Deja with situa tions to see how she’d protect herself.

That was the only advice Torrie offered Deja before she left her. Deja knew the next knock on her door would change her life and there wouldn’t be a back button or turning back. It was her choice. If she chose to open it—she would have a new moniker for her new position in the worlds oldest profession as a high-profile prostitute, working the streets of the Twin Cities.

Working for Ms. Deni at her underground brothel, paid her bills, and in time, Deja no longer resisted the elite clients she was assigned, but she knew this wasn’t the life she’d wanted and began looking for her way out—careful not to tip her hand.

After praying—something she’d stopped doing years ago—she meets a street preacher who goes by the name of Melo. He convinces her to keep praying and in God’s time she will know God has sent her answers.

When Deja meets a new client, Bondel Afailabi, a businessman from South Africa—she feels a deep connection—one he claims to feel too. He returns to her often, until he can no longer live without her. Mr. Afailabi is used to getting what he wants, and he wants Deja to himself and will do what he needs to do to set her free—and into his life.

When Ms. Deni’s assistants uncover the plot to release Deja, tables turn on Deja and Bondel must make the ultimate sacrifice: choose whether he loves Deja enough to let her remain, or take up his re-gifted cross Melo gives him, along with encouragement for his new found faith, but can Bondel a man who ranks himself as powerful as the most high God step downand to let God handle the details that will change his journey on earth, his and Dejas, forever?