The Advancement, Episode 2, Chicago Nice

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 New Advancement

L. L. Christenson
Series: Chicago Nice
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher:  Loucks Studios, Inc.

When Nadia picks up her morning coffee she runs into Dante Robar, her secret crush. Nadia says hello with her smile hoping he’ll use this chance to ask her to dinner, but their conversation is interrupted by Marcos Lasanto. Nadia can’t seem to convince Marcos she isn’t interested in him. She’s not attracted to Marcos, but he has it stuck in his head she does, ever since she posed with him as his bride for last springs centerfold, a once-in-a-lifetime photo-op. He’s convinced the tear sheet proves her smile isn’t just for the camera—but for him.

Despite Marcos attempts to connect with Nadia, destiny seems to hand him a twist In circumstances—keeping him at at arms distance—at every turn.

When Marchell, their bosss, sells the magazine to Marcos with one stipulation: he must convince Nadia to move up Vice President, Marcos position so he can become the new company President, and distancing Nadia and Dante relationship by moving Dante into a Creative art Director position on a sister publication—one Marcia is not selling, but making room for growth—into Dante’s life.