The Christmas Companion, Episode 3, Chicago Nice

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 Author: L. L. Christenson

Publisher:  Loucks Studios, Inc.

The Christmas Companion

Episode 3

L. L. Christenson
Series: Chicago Nice
Genre: Contemporary Romance

When Nadia falls for Marcos’ holiday charms, and agrees, but only out of her sympathy for him. She agrees to go as his companion and join him at his family Christmas. However, the more time Marcos spends with Nadia, the more he wants Nadia to himself—but her heart still belongs to Dante.

Nadia enjoys Marcos family, and for the first time in her life understands how important family is during the Holliday’s.Torn between two men, Nadia is forced to make a choice—remain in an untrustworthy relationship with Dante, or accept Marcos offer for a future full of passion and zest with Him.