The Old Man & His Dream

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The Old Man & His Dream

Written & Illustrated by Lisa Loucks Christenson


Publisher: Book Entree™️

From the Private Library of Lisa Loucks-Christenson 

A fact-to-fable™️ story about an aged man who has a dream about catching a grandiose fish before he dies. Set on the shores of Steamboat Lake, in northern Minnesota, Lisa's story follows an old man taking his annual vacations with his extended family. As the years go by he teaches his grandchildren all there is to know about catching the monster fish - he says --  is closer than they know. Hard pressed to prove the existence of this fabled fish he feels more compelled to provide evidence of the legendary fish with his time is running out. If he doesn't catch the giant fish, or at least provide proof of this sizable fish, soon, he realizes the only fish he'll be remembered by is the one that appears in his dreams.

A story spanning years of fishing trips and family vacations will have readers cheering for the old man,  wondering if he'll he ever catch the big fish, and if he does, will he keep it or release it? 
                                            * * * * * 

Author note: A trip back to this place in Northern Minnesota; a place all the "Loucks'" caught our first big fish, enjoyed endless card games, family trips to Cass Lake, Walker, Minnesota, staying up late night watching Johnny Carson on a 13-inch B&W portable television, weekly fish fry's, stormy weather, and Luna moths flittering under the heat from the flood lights - every June makes up some of the small details of a family spending time together, through the years.  

This story is not only based on our adventures. It taught me not to fear death, but to embrace the lives we have, understand the paths of our departed loved ones and look for the hidden paths they may have, unknowingly or wittingly, left behind for us to find, travel, and reminisce - days or years after they've left the earth.  
As I've discovered, something happens years beyond the day a tackle box is "officially" retired. Memories may remain locked inside, captive and waiting for the next fisherman to open the box and discover their story; but there's something else - a knowledge that may take them years, if not forever, to understand: the true meaning of the intertwined and various strengths of test lines inside; hooked and tied to a fisherman's mind; gently knotted to a granddaughters' heart. 
A gripping story for anyone who has been “up north,” or has stayed on the ever-changing shores of Steamboat Lake.  
I hope you’ll find a place in your heart for this story and its poignancy.