The Spirit Trees of Whitewater

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The Spirit Trees of Whitewater is a photo documentary by Lisa Loucks Christenson  photographed during the winter months in the Whitewater Valley of southeastern Minnesota.

Lisa began this documentary during the winter of 2005 while working on her Walk the Burn Documentary.

Lisa hopes this story will encourage others to go out and explore the great outdoors during the winter months. 

Over the past 12 winters, Lisa has shot hundreds of pictures of trees; ones that carry a character like presence ofnature. found in nature. Look closely at the front cover. At first glance, the tree resembles a bird of prey, with a knothole eye. However, on closer examination, you'll see the chest, tail, and feet of the bird-like tree are actually those of a living eagle, one. Lisa documented the previous summer. 


*This documentary is still in progress. It's one of Lisa's work Minnesota winter documentaries. The book will be released in the future.