Winter Bugs Exhibit | Group at Lisa's Books

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Winter Bugs Exhibit - Group Event held at Lisa's Books, Rochester, MN

Winter Bugs! Exhibit 2019 Edition

Exhibit Opens: March 2019

Photographer: Lisa Loucks Christenson

Author: Lisa Loucks Christenson

Series: of Whitewater™

Format: Online

Genre: Non-fiction, Natural History

Winter Bugs! 2019 Edition is an Insect documentary through one winter season in Whitewater Management Area of Altura, Minnesota with a 2019 update. Lisa Loucks Christenson's Winter Bugs! 2019 Edition is available as an online class project (one of many of Lisa’s natural history projects she wrote and developed for education, classrooms).

A documentary featuring the lives of insects during a Minnesota Winter. Lisa's Winter Bug Exhibit has been featured in local media, exhibited at the National Eagle Center and her art galleries. Winter Bugs! Exhibit Edition by Lisa Loucks Christenson A documentary filmed and photographed in the Whitewater Management Area on the land where the former town of Beaver, Minnesota once stood. A real Minnesota ghost town now shrouded by insects and wildlife who live and die each year, but as this books shows, death doesn't always come during winter. Winter Bugs! Exhibit Edition features close-up images of insects, spiders, and caterpillars, most of the subjects photographed were smaller than a grain of sand. Coming in 2019: Winter Bugs! Teacher’s Guide and class projects by Lisa Loucks Christenson.